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Conservation / Restoration of Works of Art on Canvas

Maintaining an art collection is an important part of perserving the investment and heritage. Paintings on canvas darken with time, heat, light, dampness and aging varnish. They should be inspected visually to monitor the condition. If tears, scratches, punctures, paint loss, cracking and flaking, cupping, yellowed varnish, insect damage, mold, mildew, soot, grime, household paint, or previous improper restoration are found present, then conservation / restoration will renew the painting and preserve the investment for many, many years. Original art never loses its value; only abused and neglected art will be devalued.

The same methods used 150 years ago are still proven to be the best way to stablilize and protect the art collections. Visual inspection, European wax infusion, relining, cleaning and repair will provide years of enjoyment of the artwork. The beautiful rich colors, which are missed under layers of dirt and aged varnish, will again be visible and the canvas will be healthy and strong.

Age and conservation will only increase the investment and enjoyment.

Contact me today for an estimate of cost and schedule time for the protection of the collection.


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